Abby + Erik: It Takes a Village

Full wedding film coming soon!

When I first met Abby and Erik, we were in a quaint coffee shop, shielded from the rain that was pouring gallons through the streets of Pasadena, California. Though the weather was gloomy, they had a sunniness to them that immediately captured me (and was what first captured each other). I realized that they are filled with such joy that they can hardly help but smile, even on the gloomiest of days.

They made it plain and simple that they wanted their friends and family showcased in the film. You see, they are the type of people that live in deep community with others, such that their lives and memories are made sweeter with the images of the people around them.

Their wedding day was cloudy at first, and we all feared rain yet again (2019 was the wettest year I’ve ever seen in my 27 years in California). But, almost as if with a divine hand, the gray clouds parted and the sun burst through a sheer blue sky cottoned with giant white clouds. As you’ll see, the ceremony, the reception, and everything before and after was wonderful to behold and fun to be a part of. You can tell in the film how much respect and mutual care all of their friends have for them, and how much Abby and Erik have in return.