Jordon + Amy: Three Years in the Making

Jordon and Amy’s wedding near Waco, Texas was the culmination of nearly three years of dating, and it was so much fun to shoot. It became apparent right off the bat that Jordon and Amy’s friends had a tremendous respect for them. I actually arrived a few days beforehand and was able to get some of the bachelor party, at a golf course, and some interviews with the guys. At the wedding, the bridesmaids and several family members were able to say a few words as well. I loved editing this highlights film too. It just flowed together with the interviews. And their vows…wow! Such humor and beauty.

And a short little story: Amy’s grandfather passed away before I completed the edit. I was able to get his full interview to her the day after. That reminded me of why it is so important to get a wedding film in addition to pictures. Amy was able to hear her grandfather’s voice and watch him as he prescribed some wisdom for a happier marriage. What a blessing!